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December 30, 2012

New Year, Another Fresh Start

Hands up if you're all set for 2013? 

Me? Kind of.

Let's recap... at the beginning of 2012 I wrote a similarly titled post about a New Year, Fresh Start. I rambled on about all the new things and adventures that this year would hold and whatnot, and I must say the year did not disappoint. 

I did some freelancing, got to work in new industries, tried making my own rubber stamps (but haven't blogged about it yet as I'm not very good at it and need more practice) as well as lots of other stuff; all in all I had a fun year. 

I must admit, the thing that I've neglected this year has been this blog and the Left & Write shop - tut tut to me. I did have big plans to do more stuff, but you know - stuff happens.

So, what's in store for 2013 for Left & Write?

For starters, the Left & Write shop will be closing [insert sad face here]. 
As sad as I am about doing this, it's for a good reason - I'm moving to Hong Kong. So whilst I'm getting settled there, I need to put the shop on hiatus... for now.

In the meantime, I'll try and keep the blog updated as much as possible and be sure to keep you posted on any stationery adventures I may have in HK.

To commemorate our move to Hong Kong and to remind us of home, I bought these prints from Fade Out Design which we plan on putting up in our new apartment. 

All that's left to say is, Hong Kong here we come, and...


The Peak, Hong Kong (Photo taken by The Husband - Isn't he good!) 
P.S Keep an eye out for the upcoming Left & Write mega-sale. Details to follow. 

January 08, 2011

Ready, Steady, 2011!

So the new year is here and it is now 8 days old. What have I done? Not much, after all it's only been 8 days.

I suppose I've gotten organised at the day job by buying my work diary - the faithful Muji diary.

My pride and joy though is my new personal diary that I got from the Husband. A lovely Smythson... I am liking this new tradition of getting a Smythson diary for Christmas.

I took down our Christmas decorations. I had to. As much as I loved having our handmade paper decorations up, I didn't want to be one of those weird houses that still has their Christmas stuff up in April.

Don't worry, I took some pictures of them adorning the wall. I made paper snowflakes out of left over origami paper and the Husband even helped out. I think he even enjoyed himself. I also made some paper chains to drape around the tree and off the bookcase. It was so much better than tinsel and it was the only way I was ever going to use up the origami paper, as it turns out I possess zero paper folding skills.

Snowflakes up...
Snowflakes down
Paper paper and more paper
Other than that, that's pretty much all I've done.

I hope your New Year has gotten off to a great start and thanks for visiting me here last year and you're always welcome to pop by again this year. You never know I may just surprise you!

April 16, 2010

Smells Like... Le Labo Scented Notebook

Dear Diary... Have I ever told you that you smell nice?

Yes that would be a weird thing to write in your notebook, but if it was the scented Le Labo notebook, that is what you would be writing.

Le Labo's Santal 26 leather bound handcrafted notebook has been infused with Le Labo's cult scent that is released every time you write. A real life scratch n' sniff!

Made in France from all natural eco-friendly materials - so not only is it good for the environment, the lovely scent will make writing more fun!

Available in store at Liberty