March 22, 2012

Draw Something

Hands up if you're addicted to Draw Something?
I am! Both my hands are firmly in the air even though I need to put them down so that I can 'draw something'.

What a simple and genius idea this game is. A digital pictionary you can play with your friends using your iPads and iPhone (or whatever non-apple device you are using).

This game is pushing my drawing skills to the limit. Who knew stick men and women could convey so much.

I've started saving some of my efforts so I can look back and laugh. They are no where near as good as these drawings - or the ones that are appearing on the Draw Something Facebook page.

Clearly I've missed my calling as an illustrator. Right?
Can you guess what my drawings are? Answers below.

From Top - Bottom:
The Simpsons / Golum (Obvs)
Pencil / Google
Beavis / Outkast
Kanye / Tupac

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