August 17, 2009

Sharpen Up

More genius stationery related stuffs... Stationery inspired jewellery.

I want please.

First up, are these pencil necklace, keyring, and even pencil sharpener ring from Whistles.

and second...

These paper plane and notepaper necklaces from Enfant Terrible

The notepaper necklace though doesn't need to go on my 'I Want' list - as I already have it. Huzzah.

August 13, 2009

Prints Charming

What to do in a lunch hour around central London?

Visit the Prints Charming Liberty Print exhibition of course!

Luckily I only work 5 minutes away, so off we went.
Obviously when in Liberty you have to browse and oohhh and ahhh over everything.
I came out of there without any purchases, but with a list of 'I wants' as long as my arm.
However, by the time we reached the exhibition space on the 4th floor the ooohs and ahhhs didn't stop.
How could they when we were faced with lots of lovely floral goodness... from notebooks, hats, hairbands, furniture and more... (excuse the camera phone pics)

They had lovely furniture by Zoe Murphy complete with liberty print fabric lined drawers... so nice. I want in my house please.

There was also some information on who Liberty had done collaborations with, including Kate Moss, Nike, Opening Ceremony, APC etc al.

My favourite part though must have been the wall of swatches. Who needs wallpaper when you can have a little bit of everything to cover your wall!

To compliment your swatch wall, you could always get a lampshade to match...?

It was a lovely way to spend a lunch hour, and I not only got to see nice things, but I also got to test out my new iPhone photo editing app. What do you think?
From this...

to this...

(Pics are of the Liberty lights in store)

Anyway, if you are in the area it's definitely worth popping in to see. The exhibition is on until 2nd September.
After the Liberty lunchtime frenzy and being overwhelmed with nice things and florals, I was drawn to this maxi-dress in New Look.

I didn't get it as it was a bad fit, but the print was nice.

I was a bit miffed I was unable to get to the floral fash-mob Liberty had at 6pm, but they've put some pics up on their blog.

I wish I'd worn my Nike Liberty Print Blazers today... oh well, there is always tomorrow.

August 03, 2009

One Year On

Two more days and I am off to Paris for my 1st wedding anniversary! I cannot wait. It's hard to believe that a year has gone by so quickly.

As the date approaches, I am feeling all nostalgic about the event and actually am missing a bit of the planning and little things that had to be done. Not only was my wedding an event for me to look forward too, it was also a little bit of craft project for me. I got to make my invites, place cards, seating charts and favours - I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it did mean a lot of late nights.

At least I have 'Left & Write' to fill the crafty void.

If you want to see what I made, you can read back over my previous post - There Goes The Bride

Here a few silly snaps that from the day that make me smile.