July 21, 2009

Saturday at The Tabernacle

So as you may have read previoulsy, I had my first stall experience with Summer Fever at The Tabernacle last Saturday.

In the lead up to it were frantic evenings filled with inked gocco screens and the making of stuff.

My main worry was 'have I made enough stuff?' but I needn't have worried - as it turns out I did have enough stock. The constant battle between the sun and the rain meant that visitors were a bit thin on the ground. It was also the Lovebox weekend which was a bit hard to compete with.

Anyway... I set up my little table with my new card stand and spotty table cloth and laid out my wares. It was weird to see it all together ready for sale. I had even managed to put together a little shop sign and price list.

A few people stopped by the stand and asked me about the cards, how I printed them etc. which was nice, and the colourful box of badges made from old stamps, origami paper and random patterned finds drew people in for a rummage.

In the end I managed to sell a few cards and some badges - but that was to a friend who arrived just after I'd packed up because the rain had beaten the sun into submission. Oh well a sale is a sale and I'll take it.

All in all it was a good learning experience and it made me make some much overdue new items.

So until the next time I wheel out the Left & Write wagon...

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