May 02, 2008

Your Face? No, My Face

Hands up who loves the internet?
Me me me!

You are always guaranteed to stumble across something good that you may never have otherwise come across, and it's all available at the click of a mouse. Amazing!

I mean today alone Lady Jadey has shown me some pretty odd things, like this naked mole rat on Crazy Cute Animals!

Anyhoo... my discovery of the day was Your Face, a blog by illustrator Damien Weighill where you send in a pic of err... your face and he'll draw it and post it on his blog. You may end up with a moustache, laser eyes, or square head. Who knows?

You'll be in good company though as even her Majesty the Queen has had her face done (and I'm not talking botox or plastic surgery)

So I have sent off my pic and am waiting to see if he'll draw my face.

Till then I shall keep delving into the depths of the worldwideweb to see what other gems it throws up.