December 24, 2008

That's a Wrap

After finding the perfect present for someone; gift wrapping it is my next favourite thing.

It sometimes takes me just as long to find the right wrapping paper as it does the gift.
I would have used plain brown paper, as just like song says 'Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things", but I found the perfect paper in good ol' Paperchase. What was it you may ask?

Brown paper but with a Christmasy twist!
This paper had an all over repeat Christmas trees design complete with snow.
(For a closer look just click on the image)

All my gifts are now wrapped and sitting under the tree, hence this little extra time to blog.

If you want to see more lovely wrapping paper, just search 'Vintage Wrapping Paper Christmas' on Flickr.

Merry Christmas All! Hope you get all the presents you asked for.

December 21, 2008

Merry Craftmas!

Not long to go now till Santa is in town.
After leaving it till the last minute, I finally managed to gocco my
Christmas cards and get them out on time.
Because of the time constraint, I kept the design simple and opted for metallic turquoise ink on a shimmery cardstock. What do you think?

Anyhoo, the real point of this post is to wish you all a very
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009!

Here's to more crafty adventures next year,
where Left & Write will be back making more products to share with you!


p.s Thanks to all that became a Left & Write Fan on Facebook!

December 13, 2008

It's Business Time

I'm not talking about business socks time. I am talking about the fact that I got down to business and printed my friends business cards, using my trusty Gocco PG-11.

Her brand is called oneoffpinkribbon, and she makes accessories. If you like bows, you'll like her stuff! In order to promote her business, she of course needed some business cards.

She already had a design, so it was just a case of getting the materials together and printing. The final result...

Ta dah!
A simple image on the front, and all the important info on the back.

Now they are packaged and ready-to-go.
Note to self: Look into getting some business card boxes to package them in in the future.

The Process:
1) Setting up and burning the screen.(Don't squint. Click on the pictures to see a larger image)

2)Inked Screen

3)Start printing and racking them up to dry

4)That was the fronts done and dusted, now to leave them to dry and repeat the process on the back for the info. I used the same screen to save on materials.

Gocco Motion
Remember when I mentioned I had to gocco on the stairs? Well I wasn't kidding! It was tres uncomfortable, but it had to be done as our dining table was in use. Oh well, sacrifices eh.

Now all that is left for me to do is print up my business cards.
If anyone would like to design a logo or the cards for me, I'd be quite happy to do a swap and print your business cards for you. Any takers?

December 11, 2008

I Found Something Hiding In Here

By day I work as a web copywriter at UO Europe.
So imagine my surprise the other day, when I found out that Stephen Loidolt - one-half of design duo something's hiding in here - works as an artist for UO in the US!

Why is this such big news to me? Only the fact that I flickr stalk them!
I'm just in awe (read jealous) of their apartment and studio; it just looks like crafting heaven.

Oh well one day I'll have a work space to die for. Unlike yesterday where I had to gocco on the stairs! Yep, it was v.uncomfortable. Pics about this and a post will follow soon.

Anyhooo... want to see how I've decorated my desk at work for Christmas? Check out my my other blog.

December 07, 2008

Genius I Tell Thee!

I want it. How could you not want this? Staples in the exact place you want them every time!
This precision stapler by Joonhyun Kim from South Korea took Bronze prize at the Muji Award International Design Award.

If it were up to me, I would have given it the Gold Prize!

December 03, 2008

My First Etsy Sale!

With my lack of internet, I wasn't able to blog about my tiny milestone - I made my first Etsy sale. Woo hoo!

Ok, it may have been to someone I know - but a sale is a sale.

What did I sell? A pack of Say What... pack of 4 customised badges.

December 02, 2008

Wrap It Up: New Gift Tags on Etsy

I was able to squeeze in some 'making stuff' time and in the spirit of Christmas and gift giving, I made some more gift tags (now available at my Etsy)

I quite enjoyed making them using my trusty gocco, hand cutting the tags with my corner rounding scissors, and buying some lovely ribbon.

I love packaging and wrapping presents as much as I love finding the perfect gift. Hence my little penchant for gift tags. If I could make wrapping paper, I'd make that too... oooh there's an idea - watch this space.

I &hearts the Internet

I know my last post was me blathering on about loving the internet, but I really do!

Especially when I didn't have any internet access for a few days... arrrgggh.

I can now breathe a sigh of relief though as I have the internet back. Yey!

I was starting to have serious withdrawal symptoms, as my iPhone was just not giving me the web fix I needed.

Well I am back in business now with a new faster connection, so I better strap myself in and feel the Mb/s!

November 26, 2008

Thank Goodness for the Internet

I have been home sick the last couple of days, and all I can say is thank goodness for the World Wide Web!

Daytime TV is shockingly bad, and since we've gotten rid of satellite - there was nothing for me to curl up and watch from underneath the duvet.

So instead I spent my time napping and surfing the web - oh yeah, thank goodness for laptops too.

That's where I stumbled across this photo on the Gocco Flickr Pool

If you are a Gocco owner you'll know you need carbon for your image to burn on the screen, so either you use the Riso pens, photocopy or laser printer.
Well now we have more options!

This selfless gocco owner experimented with some possible alternate pens that you can use when drawing designs for printing. Genius!

Have a look at the results...

Side by Side Gocco Test Comparison
Originally uploaded by candice kimchee

p.s I tried to use the 'Blog This' function straight from Flickr... but it just messed with the layout so had to manually sort it out. So much for shortcuts. Excuse the tiny picture size.

November 22, 2008

Left & Write Now On Facebook!

I know you all spend a lot of time on Facebook. Don't try and deny it - Everyone does it.

So why not join in the Left & Write fun and become a fan on Facebook.

That way you won't miss out out on any Left & Write news... new items, special offers, or anything else I happen to come up with.

All the posts from the blog even get imported on to the page!

November 20, 2008

First Class Stamps

What do I do with a whole load of stamps from the Philippines?

Make them into badges of course!

Soon to be available in my Etsy shop along with other other badges.

November 19, 2008

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green...

With Riso announcing the end of their production of Gocco units and supplies (woe is me) I've been trying to hoard as much of it as I can... from stocking up on screens, bulbs, and inks... but I still want more! That includes more inks to add to my collection above.

I'm planning to build my collection up like Matilda Deathstar. After seeing her pic on Flickr and feeling a pang of jealousy, I am determined to stock up.

So before you all start buying it all up, save some for me!

November 18, 2008

Craftwerk London

Might pop down and have a look.

For more info Click Here

November 11, 2008

Brrrrrrring... Whose Calling?

...Apparently new wallpapers for my iPhone.

I have the tendency to get bored with some things quite quickly. I may like them, but after a day or two I'm ready for change. That is probably why I will never get a tattoo as I don't think I could love any particular design enough to have it printed on my body for the rest of my life.

So the wallpaper on my iPhone is my current itch that needs to be scratched.

I previously had this photo taken by the Mr. on our honeymoon as my wallpaper.

Then Loeber pointed me in the direction of Poolga - which had a collection of wallpapers for the iPhone and iPod touch created by designers, illustrators, and artists. Oh the choice!

I'm currently using: Robert Loeber's pattern and as I've had this for a few weeks now, I think it's time for a change.

On Poolga there is just so much choice, but I have narrowed it down to...

Christopher Bettig's 'Disco Dots'


Will Bryant's 'Nice People'

In keeping with the whole crafty ethos... I think I'll go with 'Nice People', for now...

November 09, 2008

Gift Tags: For Christmas and Beyond

When I was printing the Diamond notebooks I had some ink left over on the hand stamp and it seemed a shame to waste. So I carried on printing on some card stock until the ink ran out.

What to do, what to do with these diamond prints now?

At first I thought about turning them into notecards or postcards, but instead I opted to cut them out and turn them into gift tags.

A diamond shaped gift tag is just as good as an actual diamond you know!

So here they are now available to buy on Etsy

If you would like them printed in another colour, or tied with a different colour ribbon then just let me know.

Felt Tip Fashion

Images by: Nikki Farquharson - Graphic Designer & Illustrator

You know when you come across some things and think 'Damn I wish I had thought of/done that!'

That's what I think when I see graphic designer Nikki Farquharson's Mixed Media Girls. The only problem is any attempt I would have made at something like this, would most definitely not have come out like Nikki's.

Who knew felt tip and fashion would go so well?

I love the intricacy and the vibrancy of the patterns and how well it all works together. It's kind of inspiring me to play with pattern on the Gocco - if only doing multi-coloured prints didn't seem so daunting. Eeek.

Anyway, take a look at more of her other works and projects... Enjoy.

November 02, 2008

Side Projects Rule!

I mean how would we get through the day-in - day-out 9-5 without them? It's always nice to know that there's something creative you can do that makes the day job that little bit more bearable.

Left & Write is my side project; playing with my Gocco and blogging on here. However, I'm not the only one at it. Here are some other creative folk I know...

- My husband (still getting used to that word) who likes to take photographs - and he's good too.

- The graphic designer at work has just launched Kosher For Christmas. A range of humourous christmas cards for Jewish people who don't take themselves too seriously. Funny funny stuff. In fact, you don't even have to be Jewish to appreciate them. Oy Vey!

- Then there is Web-Masterson - our resident techy-by-day who also designs jewellery - Enfant Terrible. Like shiny acrylic and dinosaurs?

- I also have my other creative pal - oneoffpinkribbon and her current BOW! collection - hair clips, brooches, bracelets - you name it, she'll make a bow for it!

In fact I'm currently working on some business cards for her - see projects breed projects.

Who knows, these projects might not stay little side projects for long, but in the meantime we are having fun doing them.

EDIT: November 6' 08 - Tut tut me... I forgot to mention Robert Loeber another side project enthusiast with his Sticks & Stones Magazine

October 26, 2008

Badge It!

I'm so excited! I took the plunge and bought the badge maker that I'd been obsessing about.

I've had a play and can't wait to make hundreds and hundreds of badges.

At the moment I'm working on some Gossip Girl inspired badges - as well as some other TV inspired badges - 'I Die!'

So keep an eye out at my shop for them.

If you want any custom badges made up, get in touch - orders welcome.

October 18, 2008

Put This On My Errr... Jumper

As I mentioned previously, some of my posts may not be stationery related, and this is one of them.

Blame it on Lady Jadey for showing me this Jeremy Scott Gold Card Sweater.

It is tres tacky, but I want it. At $350 dollars though I'd have to sell a lot of stationery.

Obviously donations are welcome...

Note to self: The raised lettering of credit cards reminds me of my label maker font - must make something that uses this.

October 16, 2008

Ink Diamonds

After wondering what to do with these books, I have finally gocco printed on them. Hurrah! I even got to use my new modified gocco hand stamp kit from Northwood Studios. Double hurrah!

I used a simple diamond design complete with sparkle lines (sounds like a move out of Bring It on) to print on to the front and back of these square spiral bound notebooks.

What I liked best about these notebooks was the colourful paper - almost too pretty to write on.

Anyhoo, now they are all packaged up and ready to go. Want one?
Pop by My Etsy.

Hmmm... what to print on next?

October 13, 2008

Obsessed Much?

At the moment I've been quite disciplined and posting more frequently on my blogs. As a result of this I have also become obsessed with google analytics - seeing where people have come from to end up at my blog, what words they searched for, what browser they are using, what links they clicked on etc...

The obsession doesn't just stop there, after putting items up on Etsy I am constantly going on to the site to see how many people have viewed my items; sad I know.

Don't know exactly what I'll do with all this information, but it is interesting.

So next time you are on here reading, just remember: I know what browser you're using!


October 12, 2008

Oooh That's New...

I was meant to spend the weekend being productive, and by productive I mean making stuff.

Instead I started playing with the blog and have ended up with a new three column layout. What do you think?

Not being fluent in the language of HTML it did take me a while, but I was quite impressed with myself *pat on the back.

This is all probably very basic stuff that 7 year olds can do these days, but hey this ol' dog umm... person is learning new tricks!

So take a look around and have a look at what's new.

<----Over here on the left I've got the Mini Etsy shop badge working, as well as My Flickr badge... see just below it.

I know, I know - it is just a cut and paste job, but trying to figure out where to put it in a sea of code was very daunting.

I also managed to put in an email link (see in the top right corner) - so you can email me with any questions or whatever.

And should you like what you read and not want to miss a post, there is now an easy subscribe button in the top right.

I'm still having a little issue with centering and spacing of the columns so it's still a work in progress.

But all-in-all not bad for a Sunday's work.

October 08, 2008

Open For Business

I finally got round to doing it.

I have finally uploaded items to my Etsy shop for sale. Albeit, two rather lonely looking items, but I'm working on it.

So feel free to pop by and maybe buy...

October 07, 2008

There Goes the Bride

It'll be two months tomorrow since I got married and I am actually missing having the little things to organise and do in preparation for the day. Idle hands and all that...

So I figured I would write a weddingy type post to share with other brides-to-be (who might happen to stumble across my blog) about the suppliers and companies I used, especially if they are planning to make a few things themselves.

I made my own using my trusty gocco. I probably should have tackled some smaller projects for practice before embarking on this mammoth task. I probably could have done them better, but what's done is done, and I think they turned out ok.

I bought the card for the INVITES from Rapid Supplies.
Tip: Try and use card of at least 300gsm.

Our invite consisted of five pages- cover sheet, invite, map, rvsp and extra info. It was all then tied together with ribbon in our colour theme.

Top-Bottom: Cover sheet, 1st stage of map print, 3rd and final map print

I kind of stopped documenting the steps I took after a while, as the staying up till 3am to do the invites started to take its toll.

I bought the envelopes from the rather aptly named World Of Envelopes. I bought nice colourful ones to send the invites out in, and plain white (slightly cheaper) envelopes for the RSVPs.

PLACE CARDS were bought from good ol' Paperchase - Available in packs of 10 in a variety of colours.

The THANK YOU CARDS were pre-packed card blanks and envelopes from Liz's Crafts

I decided I was just going to give away little bags of chocolates in organza pouches. Nothing fancy, but definitely something tasty.

CHOCOLATES were bought from Chocolate Buttons
I got silver foil wrapped stars, hearts and coins to symbolise our wish of health, wealth, and happiness to our guests for sharing in our day. Cheesy I know, but hey it was a wedding!

ORGANZA POUCHES were from Just Ask Shop at my good friend eBay.

And the finishing touch were the labels/minicards which I had printed at (See pic for hand printed place card and favour)

After reading loads of wedding forums and people trying to find the right photographer at the right price, we were lucky enough to have a friend do our photography. We were in fact the first wedding he has ever covered but he did such an amazing job.
Based on people seeing the pics he took at our wedding, he has now been booked by two other couples that we know.
Take a peek at his work here: GWL Photography and look at his latest wedding images.

Mmmmm cake. We didn't got for traditional wedding cake, instead we had a cupcake tower. It was delish. Fat little cup cakes with a thick frosting.
There are loads of cupcake sites out there, but we used: Butter Cupcake Shop so helpful and so delicious!

So that's all I can think of... well actually there is probably more, but I just want to go to bed now.

Hope that helps in any little way.

Also check out D.I.Y Bride for more handy tips on things you can do and make yourself.

Remember to enjoy your wedding preparations, as they will only happen once - unless you are Zsa Zsa Gabor or Elizabeth Taylor. Actually if you are either one of those women, you probably don't need any help planning a wedding.